Are you organizing an event open to the public? We can help you with our expertise in transportation logistics. For example, by letting us organize a shuttle for your event, you will reduce traffic congestion in the area, make your event even more accessible to all, include people who don’t have a car, and optimize your parking situation.

Are you planning a group outing? We can help you organize your route so that your group can attend your planned activity without fuss, for groups of all sizes.

Are you organizing an office party or outing? We can help with transportation by bus or taxi according to your needs. Our services will help people get to your activity as simply, safely and pleasantly as possible.

Are you organizing an activity for people with reduced mobility? Our specialized vehicles are available* for your outing. Contact us for the solutions you need for transportation logistics.

You would like to set up a carpooling system at your place of business? Needs analysis, mapping, logistical management, communications with employees, ensured return… We take care of all these things in order to guarantee an efficient, reliable and pleasant experience.

Do you have a transportation project proposal? We would love to receive your requests and suggestions.

If any one of these services interests you, please contact the head office at 819 832 2711 / 1717 or write to

* Certain conditions apply. Contact us for more information.