→ Green Line (Ligne verte)

Route with a final destination in Sherbrooke (Cégep) that passes through the municipalities of Cookshire-Eaton, East Angus, Westbury and Ascot Corner.

Would you like to get on? Consult the bus route as well as the schedules and plan your method of payment: bus token, monthly pass, or cash ($3.50 per one-way ride). If you choose to pay cash, make sure you have the exact amount.

Even though users are strongly advised to wait at existing bus stops, they can also flag down a bus to get on or advise the driver where they would like to be let off, as long as it is on the route.  It is possible to bring your bicycle on the Green Line (Ligne verte) using the front-mounted rack.


This applies to routes requiring a reservation as well as to occasional routes (long-distance).


1 – Register at Transport de personnes HSF

  • Fill out the registration form online or send a printed and signed form to Transport de personnes HSF.
  • Your name and contact information will be registered in our files.
  • You will be asked to provide a background check if you wish to use routes that are coordinated with the school transport system.

2- Reserve your transportation

  • Contact our dispatcher at least 24 hours in advance at 819 832 2711/ 1717 to check on the availability of transportation.
  • Provide the following information:
    – Your name
    – The date of travel
    – Where you would like to get on and off
    – The time at which you would like to arrive at your destination, and the time you would like to leave for your return trip.
    – If you are travelling alone and if you have baggage to carry.
  • Depending on the spaces available and the vehicles in circulation, the dispatcher will validate with you the route that is best adapted to your needs.


To ensure the best possible experience and to maintain equity for all, a few procedures must be respected:


Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance, except for Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. On these days, all reservations must be made at the latest before 11:00 am on Friday.


A trip that you have reserved is a trip that must be paid for, unless you have cancelled 24 hours prior to your planned departure.


Do not make reservations or cancellations with the driver of the bus or taxi. You must always contact the dispatcher directly.


Users must be punctual and be ready 5 minutes before the planned departure time.


When travelling by bus, passengers will only be able to bring the baggage that they can carry themselves and which can be held safely on their lap.