If you would like to offer spaces in your vehicle, or you would like to find a driver with a vehicle who is going to the same place as you, carpooling is a great solution! We offer three options:


If you would like to use our carpooling platform but are having problems, please feel free to contact us at 819 832 2711 / 1717. We are here to help you!


Do it yourself! Create your own session free of charge on and search or publish your own occasional or regular need or offer of transportation.


You need some help getting started? We will create a free session with you on  and guide you the first time you search for or publish an offer of transportation.


Would you like a personal dispatching service? Contact us at 819 832 2711 / 1717. We will search for a driver or passengers for you according to your need, for trips under 75 km. The only requirement is to register (for free) with Transport de personnes HSF.

         Calculator Savings

Thanks to this tool, calculate your environmental impact and cost savings.

Carpooling requests

You didn’t find any driver on ? Send us your request and we will publish it below, on our website.

If you are a driver interested in one of the journey, please contact us on 819 832-2711 / 1717. We will give you the passenger’s contact.

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